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  • DNS issue / Internet not working
  • Router Firewall issue/ Security setting update

Router Support

Wireless Router has become absolutely essential to every computer individual. They have been equally helpful for both continuing business and home users. Belkin is very popular devices that offer wireless connection that is internet its users. It has speed that is amazing allows you to play online games, download, enjoy music online and share your single web connection on multiple PCs.

Individuals prefer a connection that is wireless a wired connection because wired routers keeps you restricted to one location where this router has put up, but wireless routers provide you internet connection without wire and can go anywhere with this particular wireless routers.

Here are a few leading routers devices : Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, Cisco, Gateway and D-Link.

Here you will get help for these issues.

  • Support for wireless network connection
  • Troubleshooting of Wireless Router
  • Help to fix Broken DNS
  • Solving Router Firewall Problems
  • Solving Wireless Connection Problems

How does it work?

You can straight away chat or call our certified technician and we will help you to fix all the issues you are facing with your device. If you are facing hardware problem which is broken or malfunctioning then we suggest you to contact the manufacturer .If you have a problem which can be resolved over the phone, then you can call our online support. This way the technicians can immediately resolve the issue over the internet.

Problems we fix:

  • Upgrading to Windows 8/7 or Vista
  • Wireless Internet Setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup
  • DLL issues
  • Startup repair on Windows Computer
  • Installing security Software
  • Not able to link the printer
  • Getting rid of Pop-ups and adware
  • Outlook or Email client configuration
  • Patch and virus definition updates
  • Printing issues on printer
  • Not able to find the drivers for computer
  • Creating Back up for the device
  • Cartridge problems on printer
  • Installation or windows updation
  • Slow or PC that is unresponsive
  • Unable to scan through the scanner
  • Installation and computer software uninstalling
  • Unable to eliminate viruses through the computer
  • Updating Windows
  • Firewall and Security Setting
  • PopUp elimination
  • Remove virus through the computer
  • Unable to find the appropriate driver for printer
  • Adware and Malware removal
  • Modifying firewall settings
  • Blue screen error messages
  • Difficulties with Anti-Virus installation or un-installation
  • Establishing or connecting to internet
  • Computer is freezing up.
  • PC not Turn on or booting.
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