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  • Virus & spyware removal
  • Virus definitions update
  • Norton set-up & install
  • Full system scan
  • Norton upgrade

Antivirus Support

Antivirus known as Saviors of PCs. Usually whenever a pc or a laptop computer begins to work in ways that is strange starts allowing unwanted downloads to keep in its memory that’s once we normally feel that we have to buy an antivirus, knowing that an antivirus is a remedy and prevention device. We sometimes figure out our computer systems do have an antivirus however it does not do any good. Why? The solution to that, Customers don't know just how to stimulate or configure the antivirus that exists inside their systems.

Everest Technology with our committed on-site and online team assures you that you’re antivirus will be activated and configured to its ability that is better to help and protect you computers and individual data or suggest you the most effective available software available in the market.

Why Everest Technology?

You might undoubtedly get help for free when you are subscribed. We Everest Technology are an entity that is separate and not linked with any brand or OEM through any channel until and unless specified. So we charge for computer dilemmas and any troubleshooting for computer systems. However McAfee will definitely offer support for your anti-virus issue, while we offer technical help for the whole house or office computer needs printer that is including monitor, scanner, laptop, desktop, projectors and etc.

What Problems Can We Solve?

  • Upgrading to Windows 8/7 or Vista
  • Wireless Internet Setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup
  • DLL issues
  • Startup repair on Windows Computer
  • Installing security Software
  • Not able to link the printer
  • Getting rid of Pop-ups and adware
  • Outlook or Email client configuration
  • Patch and virus definition updates
  • Printing issues on printer
  • Not able to find the drivers for computer
  • Creating Back up for the device
  • Cartridge problems on printer
  • Installation or windows updation
  • Slow or PC that is unresponsive
  • Unable to scan through the scanner
  • Installation and computer software uninstalling
  • Unable to eliminate viruses through the computer
  • Updating Windows
  • Firewall and Security Setting
  • PopUp elimination
  • Remove virus through the computer
  • Unable to find the appropriate driver for printer
  • Adware and Malware removal
  • Modifying firewall settings
  • Blue screen error messages
  • Difficulties with Anti-Virus installation or un-installation
  • Establishing or connecting to internet
  • Computer is freezing up.
  • PC not Turn on or booting.
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